It is my greatest joy to guide people in the process of healing and witness them heal. I love to capture those moments when students and clients are feeling to heal. They may be laughing, crying, smiling softly, contemplating or sharing an insight about themselves. They speak and express their truth from a centered and loving place. I literally see when people shift and I know then that they have just peeled back another layer and gone deeper within to find and be themselves.

Core Competencies:

Certified Nia Technique Instructor at the black belt level

Moving to Heal Nia Instructor Apprentice

LMFT; Licensed Couple and Family Therapist, Syracuse University

MSW; Masters level Social Worker, Syracuse University

Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies, Syracuse University

Certified Energy Psychologist

Certified YogaFit Teacher

Designer and facilitator of over 30 healing workshops

Unique Gifts and Talents:

I am able to…….

see the beauty in each person,

feel with you deeply,

listen, hear, see and sense patterns, truth and change

intuit the next step to heal,

guide movement so that it is healing, and

help you discover your unique talents and purpose.

People I Serve:

Anybody that wants to improve their relationship with their body and life; with themselves, with others and something greater than us. I am known for my work with:

Anxiety and Depression

Trauma, abuse and PTSD

Grief and loss


Body-image and self-esteem

Helping people discover their talents and what they might want to major in or focus on

LGBTQ concerns and Pride