Ellin Adams

Certified Nia Teacher, Blue Belt   (2000)
Certified Yoga, Integrated Yoga Therapy (2006)
Kripalu Yoga (2013)
Foundations of Ayurveda (Kripalu, 2015)

I’d taught fitness classes for many years, but it was not until 1999 that I discovered Nia.  It was then that I experienced a new healing and energizing way to move.  I’d always loved music and dancing to the rhythms, but it was at my White Belt Teacher Training that I felt what it was like to move from the inside out, flowing with the vibrations of the music AND my whole body, mind and spirit.  It cracked me wide open.  I wanted to share the joy with other men and women who wanted to connect with that feeling of freedom, to find their personal expressions of being themselves.

Nia led me to studying and practicing Yoga, one more way to help each of us find the self-affirmation to move into our lives with confidence and joy.  Nia and Yoga are like 2 sides of the same coin for me….all leading to a community of support for each of us.  I can’t wait to share this journey with you at Life-Force Sanctuary.  Namaste!


Kathleen Crinnin

Certified Nia teacher, Blue Belt

I have been teaching since 2005. Sharing something I love comes naturally to me and I love Nia!

In my 30’s, as a new mother, I attended my first Nia class. During the class I felt a deeper connection to my body. I left feeling energized and content after every class. Practicing Nia became pure joy for me pretty quickly. All the cells in my body responded to the movement and music. I laughed, cried at times, made meaningful relationships with my class mates and teachers and continue to do so now in my 50’s.