Elaine Wolf

Nia Black Belt Teacher and certified Yoga Instructor

Growing up with 7 siblings, six of which were boys, and in the country, Elaine has been an athlete her entire life.  Always loving to move and to learn, Elaine has created a life and business focused on movement, health and continual learning.

Her teenage years were spent in competitive sports and her young adult life on dance, Tai Chi, and yoga.  Elaine was a modern and jazz dance performer and was thrilled to meet Nia; the movement practice that combined all of her loves.  Nia is the practice which blended Elaine’s study of philosophy, dance, women’s studies, yoga, Tai Chi, Aikido, education and systems theory.

Elaine has practiced Nia for over 14 years and is a certified Nia black belt, a Nia Moving to Heal specialist , and a certified 52 Moves Nia teacher. She is also completed the Nia FloorPlay training and Nia FreeDance training. She has practiced yoga for over 20 years and is a certified yoga instructor.

Each of Elaine’s classes focus on mindful movement and guide people in an integrative experience of body, mind, emotion and spirit.  Her body awareness and sensory IQ combined with her knowledge of how the human body is meant to move and how the brain works, make her a master level teacher.  Elaine knows how to guide you in listening to your body’s wisdom.  You will become your own self-healer and personal trainer.



Katrin Naumann

 Yoga Teacher and certified Qigong Instructor

Now a yoga practitioner for 24 years, Katrin has been teaching in CNY for the past 14 years. She holds Essential Hatha Yoga Certification (E-RYT 200) and is in the process of completing Advanced Teacher Training (500 hr) in the Iyengar tradition, from Open Sky Yoga Studio in Rochester, under Master Teacher Francois Raoult.

Katrin began her exploration of Qigong in 2011, after attending a Qigong Healers Seminar. She received Level III Qigong Therapy, and Traditional Chinese Medicine and Nutrition Certifications from the Qigong Institute of Rochester, under Master Lisa B. O’Shea.

Katrin is known for creating varied and dynamic healing movement classes, with focused attention given to functional alignment and breath awareness and expansion. Her classes are accented with humor and practical spiritual and life guidance gems. Katrin’s compassionate, grounded presence and attunement to the needs of her students create a safe space for exploration, which provides opportunities for greater growth and evolution at all levels of being.



Melody Branigan

Certified Nia Instructor

I am an IT Professional who loves a challenge!  I discovered Nia in 2017 during a very difficult time in my life and felt an immediate connection with it.  Nia helped me reconnect with my body and rekindle my love of dance.  In my youth I was a competitive highland (Scottish) dancer but had to give it up after an accident left me with serious damage to my neck and shoulders as well as a traumatic brain injury.  For many years I struggled with the limitations, treatments, and re-injuries that resulted.  Nia helped me heal and learn to work with my body instead of living in fear of hurting it again.

I earned my white belt in 2019 and am enjoying my journey as a teacher.  I hope that I can help others heal and reap the same benefits from Nia as I have.  Come dance with me!