Your Body is your Greatest Resource for Change

“Energy, like you, has no beginning and no end.  It can never be destroyed.  It is only ever shifting states.”
Panache Desai



I am here to help you shift and shape your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy the way you desire. I offer personalized sessions and treatments to guide you in decreasing stress and increasing your vital life-force energy.  My numerous professional graduate degrees, over 20 years of experience, training as an energy psychologist (muscle testing and tapping acupressure points), mastery level accomplishment in Nia, study and practice of meditation, yoga, breathing techniques and essential oils, and knowledge of how the human brain works, make me especially qualified to guide you in healing and increasing your energy; in guiding you to become your vibrant self!

Be the type of energy
that no matter where
you go, you always
add value to the
spaces & lives
around you

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