Energy Coaching

Energy Consultation Appointment:

This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and for me to hear your story about your body and life.  This depth of understanding and compassion can then shape your movement practice at Life-force.  We will design a movement program for you that feels safe, feels good, and effective. Just $50 for an hour.

Improve your relationship with your body:

This a private and safe way to talk about how you truly feel about your body, the beliefs you hold about your body and yourself and what mental and emotional blocks you might have in improving your relationship with you body (one hour initial consultation; $100). Subsequent appointments are just $50 per hour and focus on assessing the health of the energy systems in your body and how to enhance and increase your energy.

Create the life you desire:

I will help you decide what you might want to major in, focus on, what career you might want to pursue and life you want to create based on your strengths, interests and unique talents (one hour initial consultation; $100).

I love helping people discover their unique talents and craft a life that feels good to them.  I spent five years in graduate school helping students academically, choose majors and careers. I have worked with many teenagers and young adults in my private psychotherapy practice stressed and overwhelmed with trying to decide what to do with their lives and quite successfully.  Seeing their body language change and voice lift when discovering what they might do is a great joy.