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Classic Nia : 

This is a one hour class that conditions your whole body and being with pleasure, comfort and joy. We move the way the body is designed to move and learn to personalize movement that feels good for us.  Moving with the sensations of comfort and pleasure and from the idea that we deserve to take care of ourselves, teaches us to treat our bodies well.  We no longer fight or force.

Nia Floorplay : Conditioning your Whole Body with Earth: 

This one hour class is designed to guide you conditioning your whole body while playing with gravity, space and time. The floor or earth gives us feedback to track sensations such as strength, flexibility and stability as we move away from and to the floor, as we contract and release, as we move into and away from. Regular attendance will increase strength, muscle tone, and flexibility.

Nia : Moving to Heal

Moving to Heal classes focus on “less is more” and developing a collaborative relationship with your body. This “tai chi” or gentle approach to movement increases body awareness and circulation. We cultivate gratitude for our bodies and what they can do.  We become our own conscious self-healers.

New to Nia : Learning the Technique : 

This is a one hour class offered periodically to help you become familiar with the 52 moves of Nia. You will become confident to move your body in new ways.

Hatha Yoga 

We offer gentle yoga classes focusing on body awareness and dynamic postural alignment.

Please bring a yoga mat and props you might need.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong (Pronounced Chee Kung) is a slow, gentle practice, rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, that integrates mental focus and physical movement with breath awareness.  Qi is the life-force, or bio-energy that supports and sustains the body, and underlies everything in the Universe.  Gong translates as accomplishment or skill that is developed through consistent practice.  Through the discipline of of QiGong, one cultivates this vital energy, circulating to break up energy stagnancies, cleanse and bring balance to all the organs and systems of the body. No prior experience necessary.  Please wear comfortable clothing so you can move freely.


Every Nia class integrates body, mind, emotion, spirit.

Every Nia class guides you in conditioning your whole body and being.

Every Nia class moves us the way the body is designed to move, based on its structure and function.

Every Nia class balances many different types of sensations and energy.

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