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Classic Nia : 

This is a one hour class that conditions your whole body and being with pleasure, comfort and joy. We move the way the body is designed to move and learn to personalize movement that feels good for us.

New to Nia : Learning the Technique : 

This is a one hour class offered weekly to help you become familiar with the 52 moves of Nia. You will become confident to move your body in new ways.

Nia : Unleash Your Power : 

This one hour Nia class is designed to invite you to move with the intent of sensing your power and expressing it. We move with high energy and intensity.

Nia Floorplay : Conditioning your Whole Body with Earth: 

This one hour class is designed to guide you conditioning your whole body while playing with gravity, space and time. The floor or earth gives us feedback to track sensations such as strength, flexibility and stability as we move away from and to the floor, as we contract and release, as we move into and away from. Regular attendance will increase strength, muscle tone, and flexibility.

Nia : Moving to Heal

Moving to Heal classes focus on “less is more” and developing a collaborative relationship with your body. This “tai chi” or gentle approach to movement increases body awareness and circulation. We cultivate gratitude for our bodies and what they can do.

Caring for You : 

This is a one hour and 15 minute class designed to care for and heal those who care for others. We move for one hour and meditate or experience guided relaxation for 15 minutes. Our intent is become aware of our energy, how to take care of it, protect it and create the energy we want to share. We become energy warriors.

With Chronic Pain (auto-immune disease and/or arthritis) : 

This is a one hour class designed to focus on the Central nervous system and connective tissue. We learn subtle, small and gentle ways to move and massage our body in ways that allow us to continue to move with less pain. We learn to self-heal. This class is open to everybody.

With Community: 

This is a one hour and 15 minute class designed to guide you in becoming a conscious personal trainer and self-healer.  We track where pain or discomfort lies in a joint, muscle or muscle group and then stimulate our bodies in ways that transmit healing sensations to those areas. We experience the joy of healing and feeling together.

Breath work 

These half hour classes are designed to guide you in having a deeper awareness of and relationship with your breath. You will learn ways to guide your breath so that you feel better.

Hatha Yoga 

Please bring a yoga mat and props you might need.


Every Nia class integrates body, mind, emotion, spirit.

Every Nia class guides you in conditioning your whole body and being.

Every Nia class moves us the way the body is designed to move, based on its structure and function.

Every Nia class balances many different types of sensations and energy.

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