Art Therapy


Lena De Leo, Creative Arts Therapist

Lena DeLeo is a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist and has been working in the field for nearly 8 years, ever since graduating from School of Visual Arts with a Masters degree in Art Therapy in 2012. She is constantly amazed at the healing power of creative expression, no matter the medium.
Art therapy is simply the addition of art-making to a traditional talk therapy session. Lena uses art therapy in conjunction with CBT and DBT therapies to inspire personal growth and behavioral change. Individual sessions are tailored specifically to the client’s needs- some sessions could be almost entirely art-making, while others may be entirely talk therapy. Art therapy is process oriented rather than product oriented, so there is no need to have an artistic background! Everyone is able to participate in art therapy. Some clients gravitate more to art therapy over traditional talk therapy because of the difficulty of putting traumatic or painful experiences into words. Painful experiences are stored in the brain as images and sensations, and art making with an art therapist can allow for a non-verbal expression and powerful emotional outlet.
Lena specializes in using art therapy to help reduce stress, create empowerment, increase self worth, and process trauma. She has worked extensively with people healing from grief, loss, and childhood trauma and provides a supportive environment to allow for emotional healing and growth.
To make an appointment or find out more about art therapy, please reach out to Lena at or