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Nia Trainings with Elaine Wolf



Do you just go, go, go and help others before helping yourself?
Do you make time to help yourself, take care of you?
Are you feeling on the edge or burned out?


Our mini-Mental Health Retreat is just what you need!


Recharge YOURSELF so that you can be more present for others.


Healthcare workers often put themselves last.

This mini retreat will give you the chance to enjoy time for you through creativity, sound, and movement,
and give you a chance to learn various self-care tools that you can implement in your day-to-day life!

Taking time for yourself gives you the chance to reset and clear your mind, which will improve your focus and energy when you do get back to work.

You need to care for yourself to care for others, and taking a half day to focus entirely on you through joy,
creativity, and movement will enhance your overall wellbeing and emotional resilience.

This is necessary to do the work that you do!

Other benefits include: re-connecting with joy, relieving stress and anxiety in both mind and body,
experiencing the pleasure and comfort of relaxing your mind, body, and emotions so you are refreshed and renewed!


For who:

The mini-retreat is designed for all health care professionals (physicians, physicians in training, practitioners, nurses, mental
health professionals, and other healthcare providers) who need some time for themselves to manage stress and recharge.


We can serve a group of 20 health care professionals for the cost of $1,200 for our 3 hour experience.
We can also tailor to groups and staff at $75 a person for our 3 hour experience.