Workshop design and facilitation has always been a passion for me.  I love to help people learn new information then synthesize and integrate it so they can make it part of their daily lives.  Each workshop offers meditation, movement and mindfulness training as well as education and time for reflection.  We end by coming together and capturing meanings of the day to take home.

First Life-force Sanctuary Workshop

The Joy of Movement : Sensing Life-force 

Join us as we focus on the Principle One of the Nia White Belt.  We will sense life-force and learn how to shift that energy into Universal Joy where we feel peace, pleasure and comfort.  We will then take this principle and apply it to our mental, emotional and spiritual health.  “Your life will change, in the blink of an eye.”

Ongoing Workshops/Play-shops

Mindfulness Training: Healing in the Wake of Trauma

Self-Care: Learning to Take Care of and Love Ourselves

Nia Principles: Learning Body-centered ways to Lead Your Life

*Note: Workshops are open to small groups and as staff development and can be specifically designed to meet the needs of first-responders, nurses, mental health professionals, teachers, healers, not-for profit employees, etc.



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