Express Yourself

Creativity and self expression are the major ways to integrate body, mind, emotion and spirit.  The creative process guides us in tapping into intuition, a deeper knowing, our truth is revealed.    Our artistic expressions symbolize where we are on our healing journey and where we want to go.  I see myself as an artist in all of my roles; a psychotherapist, Nia instructor, yoga instructor, and workshop designer and facilitator.

It is not uncommon for me to suggest an art project to a client when I sense they are on the edge of an important shift or change.  We create in my office or folks work on their projects at home and we process them in therapy.  I love watching how the creative process gives them insight into themselves and thus clearer and brighter expression of self.

I am in a constant creative process as a movement instructor.  Nia, with its routines, its healing practices and its principles, provides me with boundless creativity!  This is where I have found the most creativity in my life.  I have created a healthy body and life by practicing Nia with its principles.  Every time I teach my soul and spirit are expressed.  I hope you sense that and then feel FREE to EXPRESS Yourself! I love witnessing my students express themselves!

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