Heal Yourself

I believe people seek help and healing in the wake of trauma, abuse, loss and due to a sense of disconnection; from our body, from self, other, nature and something greater than us. We all want to belong, be seen, be heard, feel whole and loved.

Our pain and suffering get lodged in our bodies, in our very cells and effect how we think, feel and act. Trauma, for example, fundamentally originates and lands in our body. An event happens which is sensed as an emergency and we fight, flee or freeze. This arousal stays in our bodies and repeats in the face of a trigger if we can’t release the energy safely from our nervous system. Undischarged energy makes us more sensitive and makes us more likely to get re-stimulated and feel overwhelmed. It is difficult to make healthy and wise choices when in this state. Trauma that is not moved consciously literally changes the cells of your nervous system and can deplete certain neurotransmitters. Repeated or stacked trauma responses lead to dis-ease in the body and thus in your whole being (adapted from ‘Healing from Trauma’ by Jasmin Lee Cori).

In order to heal our brains and bodies, we need to move our bodies in safe, integrated, and expressive ways so that we change our thoughts and move through feelings. We will do this through the conscious movement practice of Nia (neuro-muscular integrative action), meditation, breath work and mindfulness. We will sense and get back to our senses and sensuality in a safe environment. We tap into our life-force and sense feeling alive. The vibrations, pulsations and sensations of feeling alive guide us in healing our disconnection resulting from trauma, abuse and loss. Listening to our life-force, we begin to self-heal by noticing pain and pleasure and choosing to enhance and increase the sensations of pleasure, comfort and joy. We offer our body and being what they long for and in so doing, train our brain and body to seek pleasure, comfort and joy. We no longer think pain is inevitable, we feel hopeful. The more we make choices based on the sensations of pleasure, comfort and joy, the more we heal and grow. The more we listen to and shape life-force, the more we heal and grow with intuition, creativity and playfulness. We are then in charge of our lives and become conscious self-healers.

*Copyright, 2017; Elaine Wolf, Marriage & Family Therapy, PLLC