Studio Rental

Being in healthy community brings us Joy!  We want people to feel like they can be themselves and receive what they need each time they step in.  We will have seasonal art shows based on themes and open to the public.  I know how the process of creating art transforms us.  Sharing our creations and transformation in community deepens those changes further still.

In keeping with my desire to build community, the studio space at Life-force Sanctuary will be available to rent for $35 an hour.
Folks who are aligned with the mission of Life-force may rent the space for numerous activities including but not limited to; community meeting groups, trainings, workshops, rites of passage, birthday parties, weddings, creative expression and more.

Tour the Studio Space

Life-force studio is available to rent most Saturday afternoons and Sundays and between 7-9 pm weekdays Monday-Thursday.
Friday evenings are available for rental as well.

Rental Fees

$50/hr for full facility (1600 sq ft studio, lounge, kitchen, dressing room and bathrooms).  Back offices are not for rent.

$35/hr for just the studio and bathrooms

$40/hr for studio, kitchen or lounge, and bathrooms

$20/hr for just kitchen and bathrooms or just lounge and bathrooms

*We can create a package for your event and your needs!