Trauma Series Testimonials





“My full-hearted gratitude to you for the healing which had and has taking place within my spirit and body.
This 2nd session series I have felt very different in evolving and changing. I have travelled so much more inwardly and feel come so far. I have reached so much deeper. I was able to allowing myself to feel and not run, joke or move away from it. I sense I developed a new ear to listen. Inwardly and for all that is. I have moved from the BIIIIG extreme to the tiny gentle, slower, quitter and grounded place. A lot of things settled down.
Yesterday after a 3 hrs Nia session I was lying on the ground and my emotions filled me to the brim. Priorly, In such cases, I always had to either move, cry or run myself quickly into another ‘program’. Yesterday, just contemplating peacefully, I realized with a big smile and joy that I was in the driver’s seat.  My emotions are pretty intense, but I can handle them in surrendered, loving and understanding peace now.  (After so many years of all kinds of conscious work 😅🤣) We are getting closer and closer, my spirit,  in my body. It was a wonderful recognition !!”



“This experience was BEYOND Profound, Moving, Fun, (yes, fun) and Special.
While every Nia belt and training has been a balm for my BMES, (be it live or on line); this particular workshop at this very crucial time in our humanity’s global history was especially powerful. Elaine’s knowledge, plus her personal experiences and her passion for Nia, guided us with so much love, grace and compassion. The materials are functional, usable, digestible for all bodies, no matter what stage of healing they are currently in. We were a diverse bunch in both groups and wherever we were at in our healing journey, we were held lovingly by Elaine’s openness, respect for each individual and true caring.
This experience has forever transformed my life. I carry the tools acquired into EVERYTHING I do now. I recently officiated my niece’s wedding and much trauma/drama came up before- Using what we had been studying, I was easily able to not only soothe myself, but help other family members without getting sucked down the sink hole of despair, so that I could do my job. The result was magical and If you knew my family, you’d know what a miracle that simple feat is! 😉
I am an actor by main trade, and our language is emotion into action. I often joke that my trainings and job as an actor over the years, have saved me thousands of dollars in therapy bills. But truth be told, as a youngster growing up in an abusive situation which informed much of my life choices as a young adult; I have been in and out of therapy for the first part of my young life. I’ve read the books. I’ve done the work.
Without being maudlin or heavy, this workshop deepened my self awareness and took where I am at in my personal healing process, to a whole new level- with JOY, LOVE, HOPE and PLAY. I did not expect that two pronged delivery of information and ideas to share with our own dance communities, plus the impact it had on where I am at in my body, right now. It was an intimate and delicious discovery.
 I am forever grateful for that.”
Felicia Shulman



“I can’t thank you enough for your vulnerability, commitment and generosity with you offering T2.  The healing journey is a Practice and my body is often reminded to express itself in healthy ways.  I make the choice throughout each day how my body will move with ease and comfort.  Your contribution to not only the Nia community yet to the global community as a whole is quite special.  What a beautiful summation of your work as an Energetic Psychotherapist, Mom, Movement enthusiast and Woman.  Thank You, Merci et plusieurs calins. “
Ellen Feron 



“I participated in both the TF1 and TF2 series with Elaine Wolf. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker as well as a Brown belt Nia teacher. I enrolled in the series as I was curious to find out how Nia movement may enhance my experience providing online counseling. What I did not expect is how the series allowed me to sense, feel, and reclaim myself and explore and heal my own past trauma experiences. A specific past trauma of mine concerning a suicide incident was re-awakened when a counseling client of mine was in crisis. As my limbic system highjacked me and sent me into freeze and fight mode, I was able to use the Nia principles I learned in this series to ground me by utilizing practices of oscillation, undulation, humming, moving in, and coming back home to settle my nervous system. This allowed me to be present with the crisis. Elaine provided a safe space for me and all of the participating Nia teachers to explore the field of trauma utilizing Nia as well as other somatic practices backed by research.Elaine’s firm knowledge base in the field of trauma and counseling is extensive. Elaine created a safe space online! to acknowledge, appreciate, and allow feelings, thoughts, and experiences be heard and validated. She also showed great vulnerability in sharing her trauma history and healing through Nia which provided an opening for others to share. Elaine’s deep respect for us allowed for deep insights by many participants and a celebration for those experiencing breakthroughs with their trauma experiences. Many added their own background in the field of trauma and Elaine was always open and welcoming.The bio-psycho-social and physiological information was presented in an easy-to-understand format and we were provided references and a workbook outlining what we had covered each week. Nia principles were covered and we always, always moved and danced Nia to explore the principles covered and to expand on our understanding of how Nia somatic practices are healing or those with trauma experiences.This was an incredibly rich and moving experience and I cannot recommend this enough to others who want to expand their Nia practice. I know I will carry the lessons I learned in this series forward both in my Nia practice while teaching, my continual self-healing, and in my online counseling practice. I am now signed up to take the Moving to Heal class with Debbie Rosas, Jule Aguirre, and Casey Bernstein. I look forward to add to the knowledge and experiences I took away from this series to utilize Nia as a healing modality.Thank you with all my heart, Elaine. You are truly a gift to Nia and the world!”
Meghan Howie-Timmel, LCSW, Nia Teacher



“Truly, this is one of the most valuable learning experiences of my life and I can observe how it is beginning to drop in more deeply for me. I wanted to share a few things that I am observing that I find interesting this second time around.  I can sense a parallel deepening this time in both my own healing AND my Nia practice. Memories and experiences from deeper in my past have begun to pop up during our class movement experiences, things that I haven’t really examined for a long time (or maybe ever, really). I am feeling more courageous and capable of looking at them and moving with them. I can also sense how I am embodying the work we are doing in the series inside my own movement practices. The past couple of weeks I have been trying out different Nia routines on NiaTV and I find myself playing a lot with modifying the movement to incorporate more squeeze and release, oscillation. I want to stay longer in moves and move more slowly and deeply. I am breaking away from the choreography and playing with moving from earth to sky. (That container of “earth to sky” alone offers a universe of possibilities!)  I am ending the classes with my own exploration of 5 stages. I am really beginning to hear what my body wants to do. It is such a gift of awareness and allowance, self-empowerment and self-care. Thank you!!!  You have helped bring a whole new deeper level of awareness to my Nia practice, and beyond that. “
Denise Anderson



“The elegance and beauty of how Nia supports and assists people suffering from stress, anxiety, and trauma, was revealed to me in this course. Elaine provided me with the science, the language, and the tools that I need to provide greater healing to my students, and to everyone I meet. I have become aware of just how much of a healer I already am through my classes. I look forward to providing greater connection and healing to others, as well as deepening my personal healing through movement and music. Thank you Elaine for this gift, and for sharing yourself and your work with me.”
Zoe Katakuzinos, Nia Black Belt Instructor



“Dear Elaine,
I am very happy to have shared your TF1 and TF2 sessions with you, with your extraordinary associates, with the generous “hosts” of the POD and with all the beautiful people I met during the intense sharing. I really appreciated your authentic way of teaching, your rich, clear, concrete and well illustrated support/manual. I love your benevolence, the sharing of your story full of Truth, of Resilience which touched my heart and in which I recognized myself in some chapters. From week to week, through your moving choices of Choreography and Music, I relived with my body certain parts of my history that I thought were “without history”. But I felt more and more clearly that I had something else to discover, to explore, to understand: “my healing story”.
I summarize here my discovery about myself in this “Trauma Focus” context, with a metaphor about the Iceberg that is significant for me as a rather introverted person. Before I met Nia (recently, just 3 years ago), I felt more often in the visible part of the Iceberg, without much audacity to go “visit” myself in depth, lower than the water level and discover what I had perhaps hidden about my emotions, my grief, my trials, my Soul. And then, as time went by and TF exploration sessions, I dared the Adventure towards my part below the level of my ocean: I discovered finer and finer sensations, delicate and subtle connections between my 4 Kingdoms. I naturally accepted and welcomed my emotions that had been inhibited by my “educational, familial modesty”.
I now feel “Unified” between the Yin and the Yang, the visible and the invisible that I am learning to discover on the Path of Authenticity, of Freedom to be what I am. Thank you dear Elaine and Nia for offering me this new “Way of the Body” that I will continue to explore for myself while remaining connected with all of you.”