Life-force Sanctuary

Body-Centered Living to Heal, Express, Transform

Welcome to Life-force Sanctuary!  The place where we say ‘YES’ to the sensation of ‘Ahhhhhhh….’ in our bodies, minds, emotions and spirit!

Every time you step into Life-force Sanctuary, I want you to exhale a long, deep breath as you sense that you have just entered a sanctuary, a place for You to to feel special and be reminded that you matter and deserve care.

Life-force Sanctuary is a safe and sacred place to connect to yourself and others. We heal and grow together sensing feeling good about our bodies and life. This is the place where you can take care of you and feel taken care of in a community of like-minded people. We enter into a process of becoming aware and present, sensing feeling whole (body, mind, emotion and spirit) and alive! We want to feel alive more often, perhaps everyday so we keep coming to Life-force Sanctuary. We develop a lifestyle practice of mindfulness at Life-force Sanctuary.  Watch out, this will change your life!

If you are in physical distress and want to learn ways to move your body to heal injuries and avoid future injury, this is the place for you. If you want to learn how to move in healthy, expressive and integrative ways, this is the place for you. We offer Nia and yoga and breath work classes that all focus on safety, stability and comfortable movement. Each class allows you to pace yourself and guides you to move the way the body is designed to move. We learn to sense for, sustain, and increase pleasure and comfort in our bodies.  This in turn trains our brain to take care and make choices that are helpful, healing, and joyful for our minds, hearts, and spirits.

I also have the electro-magnetic BEMER bed to help heal injuries.  You receive passive electro-magnetic feedback for your body that increases circulation and oxygenation. If you are in mental or emotional distress due to trauma, abuse or loss and in need of help and healing, this is the place for you. I offer psychotherapy and am an energy psychologist trained to do muscle testing and tapping to help minimize emotional and mental distress and heal the effects of trauma and loss. If you are someone who wants to decrease stress and continue to better your relationship to body and life, this is the place for you.  We learn to love and care for ourselves and in so doing, share the same with others. We do this by consciously moving our body with Nia, yoga and breath, meditation, mindfulness training and creativity.

We learn to heal, to balance, direct and optimize our energy!