Body-Centered Living

Welcome to Life-force Sanctuary!  The place where we say ‘YES’ to the sensation of ‘Ahhhhhhh….’ in our bodies, minds, emotions and spirit!

Every time you step into Life-force Sanctuary, I want you to inhale and exhale a long, deep breath as you sense that you have just entered a sanctuary, a place for You to to feel special and be reminded that you matter and deserve care.

Life-force Sanctuary is a safe and sacred place to connect to yourself and others. We all want to be heard, belong, feel whole, understood and loved. We want to connect.  Our busy lifestyles full of doing and achieving often lead us to feel overwhelmed, exhausted, anxious and depressed.  Our bodies and lives feel fragmented and torn in different directions. We live in the past or the future and often miss the moment, the now. Reconnect to your body and you will heal, be whole, and feel healthy.

My mission is to guide you in leading a body-centered life so that you heal, express and transform your body and life. I want to help you heal with the sensations of comfort, pleasure and joy. Pain does not have to be your path to healing and growing. Nia (neuromuscular integrative action) classes, meditation, breath work and mindfulness training will teach you to tap into sensation and become more aware and present. Sensing life will give you access to the inherent wisdom of your body and allow you to make choices by listening to your body. You will learn how to listen to yourself, develop insight and intuition. This process will help you gain confidence and trust in yourself and your decisions.

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